Installing 10 MW of Solar: What this means for Louisiana

October 05, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that Joule Solar Energy has installed over 10 MEGAWATTS of solar power! But seriously, we officially surpassed 10 MW of installed solar at the end of August. With over 1,400 solar installations across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we could not be more proud of this accomplishment. It took us just over 6 years, from 2009 to 2015, and most of those panels went up within the past year alone!


Analyzing the Impact


Now, you may be asking yourself what 10 MW really means. What kind of impact does it have, and how can we quantify it?


Celebrating 10 Megawatts of Solar - Joule Solar Energy


We were a little curious too, so we did some number crunching and discovered that the over 40,000 solar panels we helped install will generate over 14,000,000 kWh of energy annually! This energy will help to offset over 8,000 barrels of oil, equivalent to 800 tanker trucks worth of crude oil. The 10 MW will also prevent over 8,000 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.


To help illustrate this, I set out to calculate, by weight, how many African elephants' worth of carbon dioxide we were avoiding. A single adult African elephant weighs 6 tons, so 8,000 tons of annual avoided emissions is equivalent to the weight of 1,333 elephants! It may be a silly way to analyze our impact, but I bet it makes that carbon dioxide seem a little bit heavier.


Celebrating the Results


Drone Fly-By of 10 Megawatt Celebration - Joule Solar Energy


To commemorate our great achievement, Joule hosted a Family Whole Hog Roast on Friday September 18th. Our friends, families, co-workers, clients, and neighbors came out to enjoy some traditional, South Carolina, pit-cooked whole hog BBQ, provided by Mr. Howard Conyers of Conyers Family BBQ. The night was filled with amazing food, a solar raffle, a drone fly-by (above, courtesy of Tenbo Air), and fun for everyone - all in the name of 10 Megawatts!


Co-founder and President of Joule, Mr. Julian Thomas, is deeply thrilled by the over 1,400 clients across the Gulf South that are saving hundreds of dollars on their energy bills each month as a direct result of their Joule solar panel systems. He remarked, “10 MW of installed PV capacity marks a major milestone for Joule and solar in Louisiana. I hope that the Louisiana Public Service Commission and utility companies, like Entergy, will follow the lead of the New Orleans City Council and continue supporting smart renewable energy policies like the removal of the net metering cap. Such policies will allow us to continue hiring Louisiana-educated college graduates for high-skilled jobs and continue investing in our community.”

We here at Joule are proud of our 10 MW accomplishment, it gives us a reason to celebrate, but also a reason to keep doing our jobs. We are all committed to helping the community achieve greater energy independence. The past 6 years have been phenomenal, but we can’t wait for what we will achieve over the next 6 years.

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