How to choose the right LED installer for your business

July 14, 2016

At this point, you probably know a thing or two about LED lighting. You may know that LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional light bulbs, last up to 25 times longer, can decrease your maintenance costs, reduce your electricity bill, and increase your quality of light. You may also know that replacing all of your light fixtures is no small job. So how do you know which LED lighting installer best suits your needs?

Choosing an LED lighting installer is similar to choosing any contractor. Clearly, you want to go with someone you can trust. However, there are a few industry-specific qualifications you may want to ask your installer before you sign off on the job. Things to consider include a deep knowledge of the best LED options available, a willingness to help you understand lighting-related terminology, the ability to give full specifications, and a workmanship warranty that you can count on.


Quality of Product

When it comes to traditional forms of lighting, the quality differences between brands are essentially negligible. The same cannot be said for LED light bulbs. Due to the way that LEDs produce light, the way they are manufactured has a major impact on their overall quality, light output, and lifetime.  

Cree LEDs use industry leading technology and cutting-edge innovation to produce the most advanced lights on the market. Their superior quality and attention to detail allow for better light and products that last over 20 years, on average. Evenness, color temperature, and color consistency are considered with each LED bulb that Cree manufactures. The long-term reliability of their products allows them to offer a 10-year warranty that applies to every aspect of the fixtures, including the durable finish.

Not only do our LED Specialists have a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to your lighting options, but they have the ability and tools to provide you with the best option for your business. As an authorized Cree distributor, we are able to offer the best products on the market at the best price.


Quality of Process

We mentioned before that retrofitting all of your lighting fixtures is no small job, but when searching for the right installer make sure you ask about their process. Here at Joule, we offer quick turnaround, seamless installations, and instant savings.  

The first step in leading you to better lighting is our Lighting Discovery. In this phase our team will note your specific lighting needs, analyze your utility bills, estimate your current electricity use, and present your potential savings - all at no cost to you!

The next step is the Lighting Design, which entails creating a custom illumination model for your facility with your preferences in mind. At this stage, we also offer 3D rendering (upon request) that can show you exactly what your space will look like with the new lighting upgrade. Once your custom design is complete, your LED Specialist will present your solution and make adjustments based on your needs, preferences, and potential savings.

The final step includes Procurement and Installation. At this point we pull from our own inventory and, if necessary, special-order any additional lighting fixtures necessary for your installation. We will schedule an installation window that works with your schedule, so as never to disrupt your business operations. Our in-house team of highly skilled installers will retrofit your fixtures with brand new, energy efficient LEDs. You can rest easy knowing your new lights will look better, and cost less, than you imagined.


Quality of Service

While products and processes are important when choosing an installer, the people that are taking care of you are what matter most. At Joule, we pride ourselves on having the very best consultants and installers on hand to help you make the switch to LEDs.

Our team has the ability to walk you through specification sheets, provide demos, compare product types, and develop savings breakdowns by room. From explaining the distinctions between LED brands to walking you through your personalized savings calculations, our LED Specialists are here for you through the entire process.

After you and your LED Specialist have determined what you want out of your retrofit, our LED Design Team starts creating your custom design. By focusing on your unique lighting needs, they will help maximize your ongoing savings while minimizing your retrofit costs. Our LED Specialists work closely with the Design Team to ensure that all of your lighting needs are met.

The last team involved in your project is our LED Installation Team. All of our installers are Joule employees, not subcontractors. This allows us to give you a 5-year $0 maintenance guarantee, meaning we will replace any fixtures that fail, fade, or shift in color free of charge or hassle. But most importantly, we realize that you are running a business, so all of our installations are scheduled around your business needs.

While lighting may not be something you think about every day, wouldn’t you want your lighting installer to? Our quality of product, process, and service should be the reason you upgrade to LED lighting. From inquiry to installation, Joule’s team will be there for you every step of the way.

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